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Top 5 SEO Ranking FactorsThe Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors are important in everything you do with your website design.  From the very beginning of your web design, all the way through web development, you must keep these factors in mind.  At 500 dollars website we know the most important factors that affect how Google rates your site.

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors

You should focus on these factors first:

✔️ Mobile responsiveness – Google will penalise your site if it isn’t mobile responsive, plus this adds for a much better user experience.

mobile responsiveness = YES, every site we build is created on a mobile responsive theme, and then we individually check each page for mobile load speed and appearance.

Just because your site is “responsive” does not mean it loads well or looks neat and tidy from a mobile phone. We’ve all been to those websites that present as glitchy and clunky when loading on a mobile phone – that’s what we aim to avoid with your build.

It goes without saying that more than half of all searches are on mobile devices, so looking good and working well on mobile is really important.

Don’t settle a website that is just mobile responsive – it has to be mobile-optimised – this means it has to be edited and the content designed in such a way that it presents effectively on mobile formats.  It’s not automatic – it is a step in the design process.

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✔️ Your site speed – Every second counts when it comes to your site speed and it is a ranking factor that Google now take very seriously.

site speed = YES, we check you site against the industry standard page speed metrics – and you will be really surprised just how your site performs. To be honest, I build a site and then check the speed and it is always really slow and it takes some effort to bring it up to an acceptable speed.

There is nothing worse than clicking on a link to go to a website and then sitting there as the time ticks waiting for the site to load.  Imagine if you are paying for ads and clicks and then the person has to wait?  This is why so many sites don’t sell, when all they need is a comprehensive speed check and some work from

I go and check other sites out there – even websites from seo specialists and web developers and web designers who compete with – and their sites are ranking 5/100 for speed.  It’s as though they haven’t even worked this out. It’s so disappointing to know that people are paying good money for new websites off these guys and the sites are just slow clunky blobs choking up the internet.

Best advice I can share is to bring your existing site to me and I’ll run it through the three main site speed metrics and give you an honest pointscore out of 100 for where your site sits.  Next, I’m pretty confident I can bring the site speed up from 5/100 to 77/100 and higher with a few hours work.  It involves compressing your images and cleaning up redundant and unused code. I show you dramatic results in a few hours.

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✔️ Keyword at the beginning of your title tag – This allows a search engine to see what the topic of your content is within the first few milliseconds of landing on your site.

keyword strategy

If you’re anything like me you probably think you have a fair idea of what keywords work for your website. You’re a florist, so [Florist *your location*] or you’re a naturopath, so [Local naturopath *your location*] is about right? Well, it’s not so basic.

I recommend getting your keywords from the source – from search engines, from shopping marketplaces, and from the most relevant articles in your niche.  It’s about finding the most relevant keywords, but with slightly less competition than the big obvious keywords.  And, yes this does take a little more time, but once you find a half dozen “low competition but hear search volume” keywords, you’re on your way.

This way, you can get in amongst the top results very quickly and gain sales and booking almost immediately without having to spend big or wait to break into the established results.

Again, a lazy SEO Consultant will just rattle off the industry standard keywords for your niche and you’ll be in amongst the throng, competing with some old, established players. And let’s face it, Google isn’t about the shift down an industry player who has been around for 10 years just to let you in.  Far better to start as the less competitive edges and gain some traction and momentum early on and build from there.

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✔️ Internal link building – Use internal links to help Google identify new pages and push your visitors in the right direction

internal links

Each page on your website is an opportunity to build authority and identify your keyword profile by linking to other pages on your website. Of course, it helps if you have some original and compelling content to link to, but even your basic about, contact and homepage can have a internal link structure.

It’s worth having at least one blogpost to build on this internal link building opportunity, that’s why at we include a 300 word article with each site build.  Then at least you have the genesis of some content to link to and from, using your keywords as anchor text.

It also pays to link out to the 300 pound Gorillas in your industry.  YES – give a free outbound link from your website to the superpowers in your niche – especially if they are a government or educational institution. Strictly speaking, these are not competitors, but they are clear indicators of what your niche is and help search engines identify what your website is about.

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✔️ The length of content – Long form content usually outperforms any content that is brief and short. Compare your competitors for the optimum word count in your niche.

longer content

The longform content is king, again.  I remember way back in the day of getting mailed longform sales letters that were literally brochures unfolding into metre long lengths of paper.

  • Full of text
  • sales text,
  • bullet points,
  • images,
  • diagrams,
  • graphs etc
  • – all focused on explaining exactly why the product was a must have and to order now.

Honestly, nothing much has changed. Now, the search engines reward thorough, detailed and long form content – 10,000 word blog posts are ranking higher than short to the point 300 words snippets. And here’s why. people are tired of clicking on what is essentially click-bait – to go to a site and then be given a cursory 300 word fluff on a topic – which leaves them unsatisfied and even a little frustrated and not getting all the answers in the one place.

So, yes, go into detail and fully explore the topic. It’s what visitors want – they want to know it all or at least have access to it all in the one place. Detail is everything.

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors

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