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I help business owners like you create long term content that makes you look good and makes you money. 

Together I can help you craft structural SEO that will be paying dividends long term into the future.

SEO I create is permanent – which is a key difference from what other SEO services offer.  The moment When you stop paying them they delete your links, and you’re back to square one.

Not with 500Dollars.Website.  I do not rent or hire links so all your work is permanent and builds trust and authority long term.

seo: the truth

My own SEO journey began way back in 2007.  Since then I’ve curated dozens of campaigns across multiple niches.  I’ve seen what works and what is jst a passing fad.  And solid, evergreen SEO is a lasting asset to your website and your business. 

I can show you content built way back in 2009 that still delivers eager buyers to websites in 2019.  Zero ongoing costs – it just sits there in the digital landscape and attracts clicks and traffic through it’s inherent value.

Our website still attracts traffic from original content Bren created back in 2009. Creating authentic evergreen content has been a real asset to our businesses longevity.
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what is seo?

SEO is the process of creating content (words, articles, interviews, blogposts, images, infographics, videos, reviews, etc) that entices visitors to your website.  It makes sense that the better the content, the more visitors will come to your site.

But what can a florist in Brisbane, or a Naturopath in Adelaide offer in terms of content?  The secret is to be original, unique and authentic.  This means not to copy and paste what is already out there, but instead offer your own unique twist on an aspect of your industry.

  • When you create content about your product or service or business – it is assessed by Google for it’s relevance and value.
  • When your content is deemed valuable, relevant and worthy of sharing more widely for others – Google will promote it.  Your content will be positioned at the top of the search results as a valuable source of information – as an “answer” to a search.
  • AND, when your content gets more organic exposure, it is more likely to get more clicks to the links recommended in the content – your business. 
  • So you get traffic, and most importantly, this traffic is ready to click and buy from you.

That is what SEO is all about.  No tricks or short cuts or gaming the system.  Just simple honest creation of worthy and authoritative content that people TRUST and ENGAGE with.

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keywords for seo

The very first step, before we get started in creating a lasting seo footprint is keywords.  Getting organised and researching exactly what you would like to be found for in search makes all the difference between success and not quite getting there.

KEYWORDS – there’s a lot of misinformation out there and it’s easy to get misled by the latest hack. 

But it is crucial to find the right keywords to target.   This means you get momentum in the most efficient direction and your seo footprint has an overall cohesiveness. 

LONG TERM VISION – Building your seo footprint is a journey – a marathon, not a sprint.  Content Marketing for SEO is about creating new content, consistently, over time, and then optimising the content so it is easily accessed by Google and presented in front of eyeballs that will gain use from it – and through this – buy your products or book your services.

We built our business on the 500Dollars website SEO model and continue to on the first page for our keywords.
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