Website Design Case Study for Small Business
updated October 2019

Stainless Steel Straws

Case Study Stainless Steel Straws 1The Stainless Steel Straws project is essentially getting on board an emerging trend and finding a product to sell in the niche.  What makes it especially rewarding is that the product and the trend captures more than just a website and an online marketing niche – it is something of a global movement for climate action and eco awareness.

After a thorough trend analysis to identify emerging niche markets, 500 Dollars Website’s research led to Stainless Steel Straws. I found an exact match domain and registered the business name, then set about building a brand and some compelling online content.

Next, I began the search for high quality suppliers who would help us disrupt the existing market. I set about changing the existing model and made it by selling laser etched straws, printed pouches an other assorted add-ons as a point of difference.

From a web design point of view, it was about building a solid link profile in a short timeframe so we focused on comprehensively researched articles and lots of contextual backlinks from authority domains in the niche.

500 Dollars Website

Next, I built out the social media and made daily posts across each platform featuring our own branded content addressing key points in the niche. I followed and followed back to build a following and made the effort to interact with comments and followers.

The website grew and grew as I found new products and product variants and diversified our offering. I kept a simple approach, maintaining that we should “keep out of the customers way” so that website visitors could easily find and buy without too many hoops to jump through.

Within 100 days I had daily orders as well as wholesale orders and this solid traffic and cashflow has continues to the present day.

Stainless Steel Straws is a powerful, long term acquisition and the eco-product niche is vibrant. Now the business model is at the next phase – answering orders and fulfilling client custom orders. The seo and website development is about maintenance and responding to updates and keeping the seo bubbling along.  Year to date sales are in excess of six figures and all from identifying an emerging niche, some diligent keyword research, and a 500 Dollars Website.

If you would like a similar experience I can help you.  At 500 Dollars Website we can help create a fulfilling monetized “side hustle” project like this (although this project quickly became more than a side hustle).  Or you may want fast help to grow your existing business with similar techniques so you can compete effectlively online. I’ve created space in my schedule for new clients and look forward to you booking an appointment weekday mornings to discuss ways we could work together. #500dollarswebsite #fastcheapwebsite #smallbusinesswebsite


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