Web Design Case Study Lensball
updated October 2019



website design case study lensballAnother successful creation of an entire brand – including product, website, social media assets and assorted printed accessories.  Lensball is something of an international trending term for an optical photography ball.

A lensball inverts the image and bends it – so the image captured appears as though it is inside the ball – like a snow dome – sort of.  Lensball is a simple, easy to use accessory for mobile phone photography and it’s popularity is testament to this.

The genesis of this project was a bit different from other 500Dollars.Website projects. One of the podcasts I listen to covers emerging trends in online marketing – and it just so happened that the host briefly mentioned the lensball. As in something like “Oh, and these lens balls – keep an eye on them – they are going to be really big!”

So I put the lensball concept through the 500dollars.website process. And around 90 days later, orders began to flow. Each day I get between 5 and 8 orders and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Website Design Process

After a thorough competitor analysis, it became clear that the best selling sites were offering a landing page style website. On these website pages, the content reflects the benefits and features of the product. The content I chose was rich in colourful images and descriptive, emotive text, to engage with the feelings of the potential buyers. Photography in itself is a unusual product to sell as you are not selling a thing, rather a tool to create images.

500 Dollars Website

I opted for a simple endless scroll type landing page where it seemed as though the features went on and on. This suits some products more than others, especially when there are lots of inersting images to share.

Website Logo and Branding

The most important element in a crowded market is to offer an instantly distinguishable point of difference. I chose a sphere type ball and added to this a simple, easy to read font that I retained throughout the design process to establish a solid style consistency.

I kept the logo as a watermark for all social media posts, and used it over a little over the top to establish identity and give followers a true sense of who was posting – not another competitor.

Each social media instance used the same branding with iomages and logs optimized for best fir across mobile and tablet devices.

Fast Affordable websites

All up, once the process was started, the whole process takes around 90 days to be in place – and then it is wise to be patient and allow for all the changes and updates and social media cross-posting to trickle through the algorithm for best effect. In this instance, it was relatively quick due to some really persistent outreach and seo efforts to build a strong presence.

In other instances where I have not been as diligent with the seo efforts, it takes longer. Always with seo it is about building some core content right at the beginning and utilising it as a solid reference for all link building efforts going forward.


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