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updated October 2019

Crystal Elixir Water Bottles

Case Study Crystal Elixir Water BottlesAn example of complete brand design, and vertical marketing from the ground up. “Crystal Elixir” came along as an idea and #500dollarswebsite turned it into a business – with a brand name, several domains to cover keywords, multi-channel social media and actual product development and testing from the China based production facility.

Thorough research and trend analysis in a niche with identified growth potential led to this business opportunity.  Some clear indicators suggested that entering what might have appeared a high competition market – but still relatively undeveloped – was open to the technique.

We swooped and began with a campaign of social media research and then domain research.  Once we identified prime keyword metrics – it was all about capturing the right domains and carving out some territory in the search engine results pages.

Without going into too much detail, we were blessed with the almost generic term *crystal elixir* which had not been previously registered.  From there, things fell into place and we built a clear brand identity around this domain.  In the background, we acquired several other keyword rich domains and built content and links toward them to further propel Crystal Elixir as a brand leader.
The website is now live and fully functional acting as both an ecommerce website for retail sales and a point of contact for wholesale distributor enquiries.  Daily sales in retail are handsomely complimented by an emerging wholesale distributorship.  It’s really satisfying to see this evolve and grow as the brand penetrates deeper into the public mindset.

Case Study

Crystal Elixir is a project started from zero – an idea – and is an example of the complete vertical process on offer at #500dollarswebsite – I can help you bring your business concept to reality – or boost your existing business to the next level.  Of course this level of in depth marketing design is beyond the scope of the standard – but you can benefit from the same techniques and strategies that I used on this build with your website.
Right now I am seeking existing businesses in need of fresh energy and a digital marketing overhaul.  I am conscious of not just taking any enquiry and going 100% working for them – instead I am looking to see how our values align and we are on the same page to create something meaningful and more long term.

As I have learned from doing search marketing and content creation for myself these past 14 years, it’s definitely not a instant fix get rich scheme.  But the rewards are there if you persist and build a solid culture around your seo and you website.
If you need a new website,
a new approach to your branding,
a new way to connect and engage with your clients
a new way of seeing things

> Then can be just the spark you need.  I’m definitely not pretentious – in fact I priode myself on being approachable and authentic and am really seeking some opportunities to work alongside people who have some really good ideas or products.
I can help you spark to life your business. I’m seeking work from people who are willing to see things in a new way. I can help you get our of the rut and bounce up to the next level so your sales jump and you rekindle you love and energy for your business.
It all begins with a phonecall – feel free to reach out and make a time for a comprehensive assessment so we can see if our values and visions align. I'[m available for you to book a 30min discovery call most weekdays between 9am and 11am – you can book direct on the 500Dollars Website Facebook page.
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